True Finns- what just happened?

Finnish tshirt from – election of the true Finns risks a changed position for women in Finnish society

Eek.  Just listened to the BBC world service programme “World Have Your Say” on which friend and fellow Euroblogger Jon Worth just appeared.

The immediate EU concern is that – given the Finnish parliament has to vote on any agreed bailouts (or as Jon rightly points out, long term loans to stricken countries underwhich the lenders actually make a profit on monies loaned) – the Portuguese bailout may be delayed, or need to be changed.
The learning point from this – and the Netherlands, France, and elsewhere where the populist right is on the rise – must surely be that it is no longer acceptable to regard the EU as an inevitable grand projet, pushed forward by an elite with a common mindset, which the public will unquestioningly accept.  There needs to be more open and honest explanation of what is going on, what the proposed solutions are an the consequences of doing them and not doing them.  And while this is no doubt the economic big picture, it goes for wider policy making too.

However, there ought to be concern too because this party that just got 20% of the vote and may end up forming part of the next Finnish government apparently said that Finnish women should study less and stay at home producing more True Finnish children.
I’m appalled on so many levels at that statement.
This can’t be real, can it?  A progressive, Nordic country really just had an election in which True Finns was the only party to increase its share of the vote?
If you want to read a female Finnish bloggers perspective, I’ve just found this one.

In the meantime, welcome to the twenty first century.
We may be seeing democracy as a rallying point outside Europe, but we need to take greater care to remember that being elected is about representation, not just leadership.
And we also need to think about who is being represented.
If ever we needed proof that women’s rights have been hard won and are not inviolable, this is a wake up call.

4 thoughts on “True Finns- what just happened?

  1. You just don’t get it do you? Not all of us are socialists. The European Union’s idea of an eutopia is taking money from rich countries and allocating it to the poorer ones, so that in the distant future all of our economies will converge.

    The trouble with that is, now those rich countries are suffering a certain amount of poverty themselves. Hard working people are losing their homes, jobs, incomes and pensions. That’s when the saying “charity begins at home” kicks in.

    It’s not selfish to want to make sure your family can survive first.

    You can’t keep stealing money from hard working people to keep an insane ideal alive. These countries need at least 30 years to catch up. Why the hell should we pay for their societal evolution?

    What you have to realise is, that when we work, we don’t do it for charity, we do it for us, for our families, for OUR communities, not for anyone else!

  2. “However, there ought to be concern too because this party that just got 20% of the vote and may end up forming part of the next Finnish government apparently said that Finnish women should study less and stay at home producing more True Finnish children.”

    They did not. Their programme argues that student couples should be supported more, so that they wouldn’t delay making children until they’re almost 30. The idea that women should study less to give birth to “pure Finnish children”, as reported by BBC, is utter and complete tripe based on statement of so-called expert Jan Sundberg of Swedish Folk’s Party. In Foreign Ministry’s information event for foreign journalists he also referred to the party as Nazis, called them openly racist and so on. Despicable and systematic lying and slandering.

    As for the abortion question, Timo Soini is personally against it, but has repeatedly stated that the party has no intention of attempting to change Finnish abortion laws.

    Of course he could say nothing to stall this bileful storm of hysteria to which you just unwittingly contributed. It has to exhaust itself. I’m in no hurry – it is mightily entertaining to watch, and once TF have sat in government for months without a single paranoid Doomsday scenario having been realized, I’ll have even more fun quoting the stuff that has been shouted in panicked, impotent rage to people that would really rather have it forgotten.

  3. What they actually said is of course different what the yellow press who are illiterate of the original sources writes, especially after being spoon-fed propaganda by the opposing parties.

    Theres a few common facrtors Finland shares with the other European countries, namely low birth rates. In part because young people cannot afford to have families or stay studying as in Finland for 5-6 years and then start going for a career. The True Finns said that increasing immigration is not an answer rather than fixing the problem, making it viable to start a family. Putin said the same in Russia so howcome BBC aint calling him a nazi?

    Of course this idea that immigration is not the first option is opposed by the SFP which along with Greens and Left want disenfranchised immigrants to vote for them. Nothing

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