New for 2012…

Hello again!  It’s been a while, but I’ve had a lot going on that have taken me away from the online world.  If you think the blog has been underused, then my Twitter silence will have come as no surprise…

So what’s new for 2012:
– I’ve tried and failed as yet to get excited about the forthcoming London Olympics.  It might be the greatest show on earth but for me it’s a few months of transport hell;

– My newest novel attempt has reached 28,000 words. Please ask me more about this!

– We have a whole bundle of health issues going on chez Rose22joh, and are praying for a swift and happy resolution;

– I can blog about the EU again if I feel the need – and there’s a lot going on that could do with some reflection.

– I’m TIRED!

So voila: this year’s offerings are likely to be on writing, politics, parenting, faith and of course feminism. Probably.

And the fact that my New Year post is up before February? I’m counting that as a win!

2 thoughts on “New for 2012…

  1. Firstly – oh balls, it’s February. Which means my New Year’s post is massively late.

    I’m right with you on the Olympics. Thankfully I don’t live and work in London any more, but I was kind of hoping it’d mean there’d be all sorts of cheap flights during the period. After all, the planes that brought the competitors in would have to leave again, right? Haven’t heard a peep yet.

    Tell us more about the novel!

  2. Hey Rose, please tell us more about the novel. We want to hear more about it! We are curious! 🙂

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