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Hello out there!

I’m Jo, generally known in cyberspace as rose22joh. Who am I?  I am still working that one out.

This is my very first website, powered by Wordpress and so please don’t be put off by the somewhat random design at present – I’m still learning, so keep coming back to see how it’s got better…

Why blog? Well it just struck me it’d be good to have somewhere to comment on my baby’s development, and other things I’ve noticed about the world but I get little chance to talk about without having to stop to change a nappy. I’m interested in politics (particularly feminism and EU), child development, I’m a foodie, I love religious thought, reading – particularly scifi/fantasy, travelling, random curiosity about the world… well, just read the blog and see…

Most things out there seem to be a bit more complicated. I like to think, and read widely to understand why, rather than just accept what I am told. It may get a little stream of consciousness at times.
So if you are after short, simple polemic or a top 10 list with gifs of 1990s American comedies to illustrate, this probably won’t be your kind of thing. The clue is in the blog name!

But I am interested in what you think too, and most importantly why. It is fun to learn more. “When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do?”, as GK Chesterton said. So do comment and let me know!

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Bitmorecomplicated.com is my personal website, so any thoughts expressed in the posts are my own and not those of my employer, family, circle of friends or officially stated view of my church etc. etc.  Oh yeah, one more caveat. I’m currently on a career break from being a UK civil servant. Civil Service rules mean I have to tell you this and say that I’m using expertise gained from my job and career when I post, comment in forums, blog etc. However I must stress that I am a layperson on most things, I use publicly available information only, and claim no expertise, only deep thought. So now you know!
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