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Bit more complicated?  What kind of a name is that?

The world is full of people promising that things are really simple if you do it their way. Bit More Complicated is about realising that there’s usually more to it than that, but that it doesn’t have to be scary, knowledge can be powerful, and that as a result life is fascinating. Just because things are complicated, doesn’t mean they can’t be thought about and discussed in a straight forward way!

I run, my personal website covering politics, the EU, faith, life, parenting and other issues that interest me.  I’m “almost a trainer” –  just finishing my CIPD certificate in training practice so that I’ve got the paper qualification to match my experience.

I’ve got expertise in devising and developing training for high flying management development scheme members, complete novices and experienced practitioners in both skills and knowledge based training. I’ve been instrumental in delivering winning tender responses and usually get excellent feedback from L&D I design and deliver.

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  1. Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I have really been enjoying reading your blog. I came across it whilst searching for more details about Wye and the surrounding area because we have been mulling moving there for a while but were concerned about the possibility of moving to UKIPsville… You sound lovely and very thoughtful. Keep writing!


    • Thanks Kate, Wye is lovely and Ashford gets a lot of unfair press, it’s really not so bad- can’t really comment on UKIPville bar that Ashford is firmly linked to the rest of the EU (the second most spoken language here is French apparently) and the fact that all the activists I have seen around here are well over 70 and I clearly don’t fit their profile! Hope you visit and love the area, the villages are lovely too

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